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SW21: Musculoskeltal Assessment

Topic: Health and Social Care

Age: Y12-13

Get an insight into bones, muscles and healing with health and social care academic, Jo Bailey.

SW21: The Changing Earth

Topic: Environment

Age: Y10-12

From climate change today to the greenhouse climate of Jurassic dinosaurs, the environment is always changing.


Tech Week 20: STEM Gender Pay Gap

Topic: STEM

Age: Y10-12

This talk focuses on women’s workplace experiences, and explores the possible reasons for the underrepresentation of women in STEM careers.


Tech Week 21: Not all superheroes wear capes…

Topic: Health and Social Care

Age: Y9-13

Learn more about the use of technology in healthcare and the real world superheroes using it to save lives. 


UNI4U@HOME – Rocket Balloon Car

Topic: Science

Age: Y3-11

Learn about the laws of motion and energy, whilst racing your recycled material car against other people.


UNI4U@HOME – Bacterial Cultures

Topic: Science

Age: Y3-11

This simple experiment will allow you to understand more about good and bad bacteria, and grow your own.


UNI4U@HOME – Chromatography

Topic: Science

Age: Y3-11

Chromatography allows us to see the different pigments in colours.  Explore colour separation in this experiment. 


UNI4U@Home – Lava Lamps

Topic: Science

Age: Y13-11

Have a go at making a lava lamp using just 5 simple items and investigate density and polarity.


Can veganism help save the planet?

Topic: Geography & Environmental science

Age: KS4/5

An online talk by Dr Richard White from the #HotTopics series. 


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