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The Science Week 2022 programme is so much more than taster sessions! 

Why not give one of our challenges or competitions ago?

Are you a STEM Expert? Or maybe you’re a maths whiz!

This year’s Science Week challenges and competitions include a STEM quiz, computing challenge and a maths poster contest. Find out more including how to get involved below. 

In CyberMaze teams of 6 pupils aided (or hindered) by an SHU student ambassador solve puzzles, riddles and mind-benders using logical and lateral thinking and educated guesswork.

The answer to each puzzle provides a clue to an item or place somewhere on SHU’s City Campus where you will find a clue to be used in solving the next puzzle. 

This fun activity from the Department of Computing is designed so that any student with an interest in problem solving can succeed. These interactive games will test students’ skills, patience and intellect. They are designed to give insight into the types of thinking that underpins computer science, cybersecurity, cryptography and forensic analysis. 

This activity is for teams of 6 students from Year 7, 8 & 9. Schools may enter either the morning session (10am-12pm) or the afternoon session (1pm-3pm). More than one team from each school is allowed. 

A maximum of 12 teams per session is permitted, so book now to avoid disappointment

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