Student Life

Student Life

Student Accommodation

When going to university you can choose to either live on campus or stay at home and commute. If you choose to move out, first year students typically move into halls. These are apartment buildings that are affiliated with the university and are all within walking distance of both campuses. Moving into halls is a great way to meet new people and gain some independence.


At Sheffield Hallam there are 15 properties to choose from, with different facilities, décor and communal spaces. Different buildings offer different sized flats ranging from 3-8 people, and some offer a limited amount of studio flats. All 1st year students are guaranteed a place in halls. When applying for accommodation, choose your top 4 properties, in order of preference and we will try our best to put you in the flat you want. Some students choose to find accommodation in the private sector. Just make sure you don’t sign any contracts until your place at Hallam is guaranteed.


You can view the halls of residence on offer at Sheffield Hallam and learn more here



Moving out isn’t right for everyone though, and you shouldn’t feel any pressure if you don’t want to. If you live within commuting distance of the university, you may wish to stay at home. You can access discounted travel, such as a 16-25 railcards, and you still receive maintenance loan. You’ll also have just as much chance to socialise and meet other students, through societies, sports and your seminars and lectures. Remember just because you don’t move out in first year, doesn’t mean you can’t move out in second or third year, if you do change your mind.

Part-time Work

During your studies, you may wish to work part time, to earn more money on top of your maintenance loan. We recommend working no more than 10-12 hours a week, in order to balance your work, with study and free time. There is opportunity for work on campus such as student ambassador roles and working at open days. Off campus, jobs in retail and restaurant work can often provide part-time contracts that are flexible around your timetable- such as evening and weekend shifts. Be wary of 0-hour contracts, as these are not reliable sources of income.


At university, you learn through a mix of lectures, seminars, practical work (depending on your course) and independent study time.


Lectures are a presentation or talk about a particular topic. Typically, your lecturer will stand at the front of a lecture theatre and present to a large group of students. There is minimal involvement from students during a lecture, however, you are expected to take notes.


Seminars take place after a lecture. During seminars, you are split into smaller groups or classes, to discuss the material from the lecture. This is a chance for you to ask questions and clarify anything you may not have understood during the lecture.

Independent Study

Your lecturer may assign reading to be done before or after your lecture. You should always go over your notes to consolidate your knowledge, and you may want to do further reading around the topic to develop you understanding. Assignments may involve individual or group work, but you will be responsible for organising that work and ensuring that it is done.


At Sheffield Hallam there are two libraries, Adsetts and Collegiate. Each library houses material that is relevant to the campus that they are situated on, but both are open to any students at Hallam. They are open 24/7 every day of the year, meaning that you can plan your study time around your schedule and habits and not be restricted by opening times. We also have an online library portal, meaning that you can access library material anywhere.

Free Time

It’s not all about work and study. An important part of your time at university is what you get up to in your free time. Whether it be activities on campus, or getting to know the city.



Societies are like clubs where you meet up with other students to do an activity. Societies are a great way to meet new people, develop your skills and try something new (plus they look good on your CV).



At Sheffield Hallam there are a range of sports you can get involved in from social to performance level. This means that whether you want to join Team Hallam, our official sports team, or just have a relaxed game with your friends, there’s something for everyone.



Sheffield is an excellent student city, with plenty of restaurants, café’s cinema’s, theatres, shops and a thriving nightlife. Being based in the city centre, you will only ever be a short walk away from a wide range of things to do. The Ecclesall Road area, where many students choose to live in their second and third year is home to many independent shops and restaurants that are definitely worth checking out. You can find out more about Sheffield here.


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