Student Finance

Student Finance

During university the two main things you’ll need money for are tuition fees, and living costs (such as rent, food and bills). Financial
support is applied for through Student Finance England
The two loans available from Student Finance England are a Tuition Loan and a Maintenance Loan.

Tuition Loan

  • Paid directly to the university by Student Finance England
  • This will cover your tuition fees.

Maintanence Loan

  • Paid to you in three instalments throughout the year
  • The maintenance loan is means tested- this means the amount you receive will vary based on your household income
  • Also varies based on whether you stay at home, move out, or go to university in London

You are eligible for student finance if you have been a resident in the UK for for 3 years prior to the start of your course, and you do not already hold an undergraduate degree- there are some exceptions to this.


  • You don’t start repaying your student loan whilst you’re still at university
  • Once you have completed your course, you won’t start paying your loan back until you are earning more than the threshold amount
  • The size of your monthly repayments will depend on how much you earn
  • 40 years after completing your course, all debt is written off

Scholarships and Bursaries

You may be eligible for additional financial support from your university through a scholarship or bursary. You can find information on the scholarships and bursaries available at Sheffield Hallam University, and check your eligibility here: Scholarships and bursaries | Sheffield Hallam University (


Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for additional financial support from Student Finance England. Click here to check your eligibility: Student finance for undergraduates: Extra help – GOV.UK (


The NHS can provide additional financial support for students studying nursing and midwifery, allied health professions and social work courses: NHS Learning Support Fund (LSF) | NHSBSA

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