The quantum ruler

The quantum ruler

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One of the fundamental features of quantum mechanics is wave-particle duality, where subatomic particles behave like waves. Due to this wave-like nature, the phenomenon of diffraction occurs, when light, or other particles, travel through or around an object. The resulting interference pattern of the waves allows the calculation of the size and shape of the object.

In this session, students will diffract laser light around one of their own hairs and use the diffraction pattern to calculate the width of the hair.

Later, as a whole class demonstration, I will diffract electrons through a material, and the students will use the resulting diffraction pattern to calculate the spacing between the atoms in the material.

This session us suitable for Y12 and Y13 students

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Age Group - Y12, Y13

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13-03-23 @ 13:00 to
13-03-23 @ 15:00



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