Broader Horizons


A day of talks and workshops looking at the diversity of Maths in the modern world 

Mathematics: Broader Horizons 


A day of talks and interactive workshops designed to present a broad and diverse view of mathematics and the things that mathematicians do, aimed at students in year 12.


Date: 26th April, 2023

Time: 10:30-14:00

Audience: Y12


Sessions include:


Mathematics, a human endeavour

Mathematics is a way of thinking that has grown and developed since ancient times all around the globe. Where does mathematics come from? What counts as mathematics? How do mathematicians think?


Mathematical problem-solving

Putting the way mathematicians think into practice with techniques and approaches to addressing unfamiliar problems in a playful and engaging workshop.


Mathematical modelling

We take a problem in a realistic context and map this onto a mathematical model, an idealised version we can think about mathematically. Exploring the techniques through which mathematics provides insights into problems in a range of disciplines.


Mathematics and its applications

Mathematics is a fantastically useful tool for solving problems across science, technology and industry. What are some ways mathematics is applied? What careers are open to mathematics graduates?

City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK


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