Art, Design & Media Week Programme

Art, Design & Media Week showcases the vibrancy and diversity of creative arts subjects at Sheffield Hallam University, centred around the theme of Developing Sustainable Societies.

Design: Air Pollution Solutions

Date: 21/03/2022 & 23/03/2022

Time: 10:00-12:00

Year Group: Y9-Y13

In this session participants will:
– Learn about air pollution and its global sources
– Consider their own exposure to air pollution
– Collect and/or analyse data on air pollution
– Analyse the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan
– Consider global engineering solutions to air pollution
– Imagine their own solution to air pollution

Fine Art: Art Shelter

Date: 24/03/2022 

Time: 10:00-11:00

Year Group: Y12/13

In this session you will work together with an art tutor and art’s technician. The group will work with reclaimed art structures, such as old stretchers & canvas’s, tarpaulin etc to build a structure that is considered as much for it’s composition, as it is for it being a way of making a ‘dwelling’.

Fashion: All Styled Out

Date: 23/03/2022

Time: 10:00-11:00

Year Group: Y9-Y13

Utilising new and second-hand garments & accessories to create stylised visual outcomes inspired by the subject of sustainability. 

Participants will be introduced to fashion styling and image-making through short presentation. 

Followed by hands-on workshop, encouraging students to create styling images for a proposed publication feature about sustainable fashion.

Digital Media: BAFTA’s Albert & Saving the World with Filmmaking

Date: 25/03/2022

Time: 09:30-10:30

Year Group: Y9-Y13

Introducing Albert, the world leading platform for sustainable film and tv production. This session shows how you can save the world with your film, tv and media productions. You will be introduced to industry standard tools, resources and case studies to guide and help you in your own work.

Graphic Design & Illustration: Curated by... Sharp & Sour

Date: 23/03/2022 

Time: 17:00-18:30

Year Group: Y12/13

We are delighted to host Madrid based, multidisciplinary design studio and consultancy focused on the futures of food, Sharp & Sour.

We welcome Maria and Mario to talk about their careers, experiences and projects, working in this exciting field of design.

Book this session on the bespoke Eventbrite page.

PR, Media & Journalism: Make Your Voice Heard!

Date: 22/03/2022 

Time: 13:30-14:30

Year Group: Y12/13

How do you make people aware of your cause or campaign? In this session we look at how charities, and local and national government, use public relations, journalism and digital skills to both keep us informed and to try persuade us to behave in a certain way. We’ll look at public information campaigns for covid vaccinations, drinking and driving, and voter registration, and charity campaigns to raise money for areas of the world stricken by national disasters. We’ll look at the techniques used and consider how we can use them in our everyday life. (Aimed at students studying English /History /Politics /Media /Drama /Sociology)

Animation: Production Stages in 2D Drawn Animation

Date: 23/03/2022

Time: 10:00-11:00

Year Group: Y9-Y13

This lecture shows the creative process of a 12 second piece of animation from character design, scene layout, and the stages of animation until the finished result. 

Graphic Design: Riso-Type

Date: 23/03/2022 

Time: 11:00-13:00

Year Group: Y12/13

This session involves creating a collaborative typographic poster, inspired by the greatest artists that have ever lived.

Animation: What is Pixilation?

Date: 23/03/2022

Time: 13:30-14:30

Year Group: Y9-Y13

Learn about one of the most fascinating but underused animation techniques: Pixilation! Then with a live demonstration, learn how pixilation animation can be created using only basic tools and software. 

Illustration: Mascots for Change

Date: 23/03/2022

Time: 13:00-14:00

Year Group: Y9-Y13

Students will be challenged to come up with a concept for a pair of Mascots. We will start by looking at past mascots, evaluating them, covering some basics of character design with examples and idea generation skills.

SHU Pathways

Date: 24/03/2022 

Time: Multiple

Year Group: Y9-Y13

Pathways returns to bring together creatives and businesses to discuss  film and media production, animation, visual effects, gaming, digital media, public relations, journalism and photography. View the full programme at:


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